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Rhythm Beads by Fancy Horses Make Your Ride Sing with Rhythm and Bling!
Create a unique and eye-catching look! Fancy Horses LLC is jewelry for your horse! The gentle sound of our rhythm beads calms the horse and helps him achieve smooth gaits. Our eye-catching mane, bridle, saddle, hat and neck pieces create a unique look for your horse where ever you ride!

A bonus: the young and young at heart love our products for their style and color!

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of this wonderful business. One of our founders, my dear friend and sister of the heart, Lisa, passed away and it is simply too much to continue with. I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful horse friends throughout the years and the expos we attended were definitely the best part of the business. Plus, we had so much fun creating our unique designs! This website will be closing soon. Please make your final purchases soon! Happy trails to all of you!

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